The role of Satan in American politics (Part 1)

March 8, 2012

Many modern Americans deny his existence, and even more doubt that there is a place of eternal damnation for those who follow him. He has been portrayed as fantasy and villan. In tiny sects of disconnected oddballs, he is worshiped as a living deity. He encountered Jesus in the wilderness and offered him the kingdoms of this world.

Paul warns believers about the “cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Eph 6:13). The “present darkness” is thick and gloomy since man’s rebellion against the pure will of God. If human nature is corrupted and the entire creation is suffering the effects of this terrible separation from the Creator, that would certainly include our families, friendships, business dealings and government. When man does what comes naturally to the sinful nature, the results always include suffering and degradation.

Based on what we read in the news, this may be the perfect time to consider Satan’s work in the political sphere. Still, you cannot say that any particular individual or political movement embodies the working of cosmic wickedness to the exclusion of all others. They are all guilty because they are all human and wrongdoing is the normal default setting.

Having been defeated by the death of Christ, the Evil One is determined to destroy as many human beings as can be ruined in the short time remaining. This is the nature of the spiritual warfare referenced above. This is why all humanity is under attack. Satan seeks influence in the realm of education, transportation, international relations, science, human sexuality and government. He is a big picture kind of guy.

The forces of darkness have an interest in every aspect of human activity. The plan is stir up the most negative emotions so that the conscience may be hardened and the mind darkened. Get people used to demeaning the very imagine of God’s holy likeness (our fellow human beings) and the job is half done. We are so easily manipulated by the instinctive reactions to both the well-being and demise of our neighbors. It makes no difference to the Prince of Darkness. Any strong feeling will serve perfectly as the incubator of a malignant thought.

We are naturally inclined and culturally conditioned to internalize every situation so that whatever happens is centered in the all-wise and all-knowing me. This is a portion of the personality that is exaggerated and nurtured by the materialistic and hypercompetitive culture. We feel perfectly entitled to pass judgment on everything and everyone. The powers of evil in the universe have worked tirelessly to set up the conditions that enhance the character traits that will eventually lead to eternal punishment.

The emotional part of the human being is a musical instrument capable of producing a wide variety of melodious results. Yes, there is love, empathy, compassion, admiration, thrift, generosity, restraint, and encouragement. Unfortunately, we are heavily inclined toward jealousy, lust, anger, bitterness, resentfulness, greed, covetousness, hatred (another form of murder), disrespect and a wide array of abusive soul-killing traits. Because we make ourselves judges of everybody and everything, we feel perfectly entitled to hold the kinds of unattractive qualities so well suited to the underworld.

Oh, yes. Satan probably uses rap music and movies to lead people astray. Dancing and mixed bathing? Certainly. Card games too. Screwtape once observed that there is no reason to work on provoking the grander sins when smaller ones lead to the same final destination. Politics is a fertile field because it is so full of words. Nothing gets a man in more trouble than careless words.

Words have the special power to hurt and to divide. Wounded people strike back, unless they are under the influence of a much stronger spiritual power. A small deliberate misstatement seems harmless, but it blooms into full-scale fraud. “Lies are just words, and they don’t mean anything.” That is how it begins. By the way, if you believe the story, that was the serpent’s first move against Eve. Plant the seeds of mistrust and everything else will just fall into place.

Some of the lies are so huge that any intelligent person should immediately discount them. That is exactly what the liar thinks before they speak. “Look what I am about to do to those melon heads! Since they ought to know better, there is no wrong in me deceiving them.” The professional liar is proud of the deception. On the receiving end, nobody wants to admit being hoodwinked, so the lie lives on and on.

Satan has set the perpetrator against both the listener and the one about whom the misstatement was created. The result is a cycle of mistrust and resentment. Of course, this gets all the participants into the game.The consequence is that, instead of loving each other as children of God, people pick sides and willfully despise anybody who is not on their side. Anybody different needs to be beaten. My side has to win at all costs, without compromising our pure and wholesome doctrines, and with no concern about the effect on others. If somebody gets hurt, that is just a part of the game. Live with it.

This is so far from the Savior who instructed his followers to turn the other cheek, to visit the sick and imprisoned, the care for the less fortunate.Oh, yes. You’re right. One of the most objectionable aspects of the Satanic influence on politics is the increased tendency toward self-justification. Yes, I am sure you already do plenty for the poor. Sorry to shatter your peaceful day.Sorry to disturb the delusional state that is so often mistaken for inner peace.

Those who raise questions are subject to exclusion since they are obviously part of the “other.” If there was any respect for other viewpoints, that would be a sign of weakness and definitely not allowed. One outstanding benefit to the kingdom from below is that this atmosphere is mistrust obscures the image of God, which is common to all human beings, and slams the door on any possible influence of careful thought, especially the gospel message.

When truth is disregarded,  diminished and degraded, it is party time in Hades.


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