Is Mormonism Ridiculous?

May 30, 2012

Think of this post as a sin offering in response to my gross negligence in regular posting here. The simultaneous roles of teacher and student have got me all bogged down, so here is a provocative item on another blog on one of my favorite subjects. It is very thoughtfully presented, despite the slightly outrageous headline. But, first a tid-bit.

… Discussion of Mormonism in the media tends to reveal the fundamentally unethical way that Americans think about religion, engaging in reductionism, decontextualization, and stereotyping.  It is not enough to suggest that all religious are equally silly (a point Bill Maher’s Religulous makes not in defense of religion, but against it).  This perspective represents a failure to understand religion at all.

Now, enjoy!

Is Mormonism Ridiculous?.


One Response to “Is Mormonism Ridiculous?”

  1. Generally, I don’t leave comments, but you really got me thinking.

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