VirtueOnline – Biblical Economies and Mammon in America – Dr. Rob Sanders

June 23, 2012

Here is a link to a wonderful essay. I agree with it almost entirely, although I am certain it will provoke many stringing rebukes.

Biblical Economies and Mammon in America
You cannot serve God and Mammon (Luke 16:13)

By The Rev. Robert J. Sanders, Ph.D.
June 20, 2012

Given the economic downturn in which we find ourselves, the enormous concentrations of wealth that have recently occurred, the emergence of an underclass and all the suffering this entails, the purchase of our politicians by big money, the great importance Scripture ascribes to economic justice, and the near-absolute indifference and/or ignorance of many Christians regarding biblical principles of economics, it would be helpful to see what light the Bible and the Christian tradition can shed on our present economic circumstances.

Among other things, two fundamental points will be made: First, all economic relationships are aspects of personal relationships among human beings. Second, biblical economics begins with redistribution of wealth and, related to that, limits on accumulation. These two ideas will be presented in terms of Scripture, and then in relation to the formation of the modern system, and finally, the relevance of this for the church and political action.

VirtueOnline – News – Culture Wars – Biblical Economies and Mammon in America – Dr. Rob Sanders.


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