Gospel Coalition pulls Wilson commentary

July 20, 2012

Those who do not know me well ought to know that the public expression of my writing style is noted for its use of parody, irony, satire, mocking, exaggeration and self-deprecating one-liners. You must read carefully and I take it as a personal duty to inform you as to when I am striving for the concision and sincere humility which is no necessary with theological topics.

Let me say with the utmost sincerity that there is nothing here but the highest personal respect and admiration for Scot McKnight who is a widely recognized author, educator, and blogger. His contribution to the discussion and greater understanding of difficult topics is of enormous value. This modest effort is completely dwarfed by McKnight’s excellent comments. End of glowing admiration. Now buckle your seatbelts and put on your protective goggles.

Scot McKnight’s internet Leviathan, Jesus Creed, has successfully crushed the life out of free speech and shattered all hope for a better world. I guess Scot showed me! Gospel Coalition folded under the pressure and deleted the notorious Doug Wilson post that nearly knocked planet earth off its axis and dragged us all back into the stone age. But seriously folks, let’s take a minute and try to make some sense of this situation.

It is always my hope that the answer to bad speech is not censorship, but more and better speech. In this instance, one must concede it was not happening. This sad result apparent in a number of uncharitable comments about Mr. Wilson. He is out brother in Christ and, even when he is wrong, deserves the consideration we should show any fellow believer.

Wilson’s opinions are representative of a good many folks who already have a keen sense of victimization. I sincerely hope that the Gospel Coalition decision to remove the offensive post will result in more reasonable and Christ-centered analysis of marital relationships. Unfortunately, I think that this conclusion will foster misunderstanding and even louder whining.

In future discussions of Doug Wilson’s public record, an important item will be unavailable for public review. His words will become a matter of opinion and recollection. When somebody does make a direct quote, it will henceforth hang under a cloud of suspicion. Doug Wilson will always be able to say that he is being quoted, “out of context.” In the future, it will be more difficult to hold Mr. Wilson accountable. The truth has taken a beating.

Again, this lowly grump in Little Rock has nothing but the utmost respect for a true giant and I understand that Scot McKnight is only motivated by the highest principles. My disagreement concerns only the method of dealing with bad ideas, not biblical principles.


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