An Academic Ghostwriter Comes Clean – Faculty – The Chronicle of Higher Education

August 26, 2012

Good news. I have nearly completed my exegetical paper on Eph 1:1-14. Academic papers have become an interest of mine since entering the somewhat smallish but quality oriented Anglican School of Ministry in Little Rock. My course work has included theology, biblical studies, a variety of Anglican related courses, and several elements devoted to Christian Education. Each has involved the writing of papers at the graduate level.

Some have suggested (maybe jokingly) that I should put my 30 or so papers up for sale. No way. The act of plagiarism is primarily a crime against one’s self. The lonely pursuit of information to be used in the construction of an argument is the way we teach ourselves both how to learn in the most general sense, and the specific course objective, No, I will not sell my papers. Besides, they are all shot full of errors anyway. I know that because I keep writing papers and learning things that I wish had been included when I started on this academic safari.

This seems like a good time to insert a shameless plug. My mini-class on academic writing begins sometime next month. It meets four times and prepared the student for research writing in Chicago and MLA styles. The syllabus is here. Scroll down to the link for MIN 102.

Anyway,you might get a kick out of this one.

By Dan Berrett

When The Chronicle published a confessional essay two years ago by a writer for a student-paper mill who had spent nearly a decade helping college students cheat on their assignments, it provoked anger, astonishment, and weary resignation.

The writer, under the pseudonym Ed Dante, said he had completed scores of papers for students who were too lazy or simply unprepared for their work at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

The academic ghostwriter has retired, and in his new memoir, he reveals his true identity: Dave Tomar, 32, a graduate of the bachelor’s program in communications at Rutgers University’s New Brunswick campus and, now, a freelance writer in Philadelphia.

In The Shadow Scholar: How I Made a Living Helping College Kids Cheat, which is due out next month from Bloomsbury, Mr. Tomar seeks to cast himself as a millennial antihero while scolding colleges for placing the pursuit of money and status above student learning.

Read it all here.

An Academic Ghostwriter Comes Clean – Faculty – The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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