School shooting points toward a widespread social disease

December 14, 2012

Yes, it is the guns, the name calling and the abuse of ordinary social contacts that have combined to create another indescribable school incident. The fact that it is a political impossibility to calmly discuss the over-abundance of firearms should be a cause for concern. I think it is fine for people to own guns to protect person and property. What reasonable person can not be amazed at the iron fist of the National Rifle Association that uses political power for no other reason than the enjoyment of that power. After all, we are not going to disarm Mississippi (or Arkansas, where I live!) any time soon. The “thing” for guns is part of our DNA.

It really stinks to take the same side as the NRA, but guns are not really the problem. The real motivating force is, however, disturbing and will be equally unacceptable to those who wield financial power. America is addicted to competition, harshness, intolerance, avoidance of real problems (homelessness, health care, drug addiction, racial discrimination). and moronic non-solutions to actual difficulties. We admire whoever has the quickest, meanest and most abusive answer. We deplore compassion as some sort of insipid show of weakness. This is a spiritual disease that is ravaging this country and Christianity has absolutely failed to present Jesus Christ as the solution to our problems, the perfect example of a godly life our Savior, and our coming king.

The typical Christian love of money and infatuation with the workings of economic and political domination have disqualified it from as representing the authentic body of Christ described in the New Testament. Jesus did not mock, ridicule, or threaten. He cast out demons, healed the sick, and urged sinners to repentance. He did this without personal insult. In fact, you have probably noticed that the people Jesus publicly opposed were the religious leaders.

Although no civil leader has any power except by the permission of Almighty God, Jesus respected civil authority – even when it was putting him through a farce of a trail and brutal execution. Somebody asked if believers should pay taxes. Jesus used a coin bearing the image of a man who claimed to be a living God to say that human government should get its due.

The happenings in Connecticut reveal deep social evils. We condone mistreating people because of where they come from, how they look, their disabilities, and whether they are sufficiently “productive” to be considered worthwhile members of our American family. This is the core of our illness. Human beings are created in the image of God. That implies that our conduct should strive to be more God-like. It also suggests that we should reverence our fellow humans, who are also created in the divine image.

But that would be against the “bottom line.” If people were satisfied with what they had, grateful for God’s gifts and willing to share, that might just ruin the economy. Considering the pressure under which we live and the abuse dished out on a consistent basis, it is a wonder something like this does not happen every day. It ain’t the guns, dear friends. It is us.


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