Anglican School of Ministry takes the next step forward

February 10, 2013

The post below appears on the home page of the Anglican School of Ministry, formerly headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. The continuation of this excellent institution, made possible by donors and PEAR (North American Missionary District of the Anglican Church of Rwanda) is a tribute to the vision of Dr. Henry Baldwin (the outgoing interim Dean and President) and those who made it financially possible. I have been a student at ASM from the first class in Mark Quay’s basement back in 2007 and, so far, have accumulated 63 credit hours. That leaves me nine hours short of completing my MMin. With God as my helper, I hope to finish this year.

ASM boasts an outstanding faculty and most of my instructors have a doctorate in their area of study. It is a privilege to receive such an outstanding education while remaining in the parish setting. This school is a vitally important element in the fractured world of North American Anglicanism.

Here is the official announcement.

Full Speed Ahead!

With joy and anticipation, Anglican School of Ministry announces the appointment of its new (interim) Dean and President, the Reverend Art Going.

Rev. Going is a 30 year veteran of parish ministry and an Anglican Church planter, who has been working in leadership development and pastoral training for many years.

The new President reports, “Through the generosity of several donors and the Mission Council of PEAR-USA, ASM has recently been placed on a sound financial footing for many years to come. I look forward to taking the school forward and to serving a growing and unified Anglicanism all across North America. ASM’s vision for parish-based spiritual formation and ministry training is now stronger than ever.”

Rev. Going noted that sign-ups for summer classes will begin the 15th March, and that ASM’s teaching activities through its fine faculty will continue on exactly as before.

Rev. Going reports that in recent conversations with out-going President Henry Baldwin, that Rev. Baldwin is enjoying his new assignment as Executive Pastor at Holy Cross Anglican, in the Anglican Diocese of the South. This assignment is the joyful culmination of years of theological, ministerial, and practical experience for him. ASM wishes Rev. Baldwin all the best in his new role!

ASM looks forward to continuing on with its vision, as well as new expanded roles in partnerships around the country. ASM will also be relocating its home offices to North Carolina where Rev. Art and his wife Nancy will soon be residing. Of course, ASM will remain, as always, fully internet accessible.

Finally, a personal note. Rev. Dr. Henry Baldwin and Mrs. Shirley Baldwin have become dear and trusted friends. These are great people! May God continue to bless their work in the Atlanta area. Dr. Mark Quay, ASM’s founder, and his wife Jani, have been instrumental in a journey that has been a divine intervention, blessing, and life-changing experience. May the Almighty smile with favor on their efforts at St. Peter’s in Birmingham. I do not know Rev. Art Going (incoming interim-Dean), but I am sure he will capably take ASM forward.

It has been my pleasure to direct the Foundations continuing education courses for ASM for the past two years. My new enterprise, Christian Foundations for Ministry, is now officially recognized and exempted form regulation as a religious institution by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education. This term, classes in church history and Christian education are being presented. The summer will bring an introduction to the Old Testament. These are non-academic courses which perfectly suit the needs of local church leaders. The offerings are available on the internet over WebEx. Interested? Drop me a line using the link on the upper right hand column.


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