Good riddance, Mother Teresa!

March 8, 2013

Several readers have recently suggested that I might be getting “soft” on Roman Catholics. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and as evidence I appeal to the Anglican 39 Articles of Religion (linked in the left hand column). Roman Catholics are fellow believers and my brothers in Christ. When that part of Christ’s body suffers, we all suffer (1 Cor 12:26). Evangelical Christians owe a tremendous debt to the Church of Rome for its intellectual diligence and preservation of many (not all) essential doctrines. A lot of the media criticism directed at the Catholic church is so malicious and ignorant that there is a moral obligation to speak out against it.

Now there is also Mother Teresa and I might as well admit that I have always found her to be a somewhat shady character. If you are looking for a real saint, try out Francis of Assisi. That man would give up the shoes on his feet for a less fortunate person. If you give me a stack of first class tickets to fly around the world, I promise to hit the Jack Daniels hard. Mother Teresa led a charmed life in comparison to the thousands of single moms who struggle in abusive work situations with few dollars to spend on clothes housing and medical care. Many of them show up in church every Sunday and somehow find the time and resources to assist other troubled folks. Those are real saints.

A Canadian group will soon release a study that will be critical of the supposed Saint’s fundraising and care of the ill, and here is a defense of Mother Teresa by Celeste Owen-Jones. Furthermore, While I join John Paul II and Mother in opposition to divorce, I think it is inappropriate to interfere with elections in foreign countries as they both did in Ireland.

Pope John Paul II was all smitten by Mother’s outstanding public relations. There is a good deal to admire in the late Pope. He was instrumental in bringing about the collapse of the old Soviet Unions, but I am not sure he is a saint. JPII expanded the rolls of supposed saints and that is bound to upset a low ritual, Evangelical Anglican. Don’t misunderstand. I suppose both the late Pontiff and Mother are basking in the beautiful eternal light of God’s faithful love, but there are finer examples of Christian fidelity lived with quiet humility much closer to our neighborhoods.


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