The Bible, episode four: a few random thoughts

March 27, 2013

I suppose the series might have been subtitled, “Our Scottish Savior.” This guys playing Jesus (no I have not looked at the credits. Get off my case.) is simply beyond annoying. This program would have been so much better if it had captured the essence of Jesus as an articulate and compelling public person. So that is my big complaint.

My smaller issue lies in the incident of the woman caught in adultery. Since this very familiar story is not included in most of the early manuscripts, one must wonder how it made the cut. I would be interested i knowing why this is in the show and I am very much ready to be instructed.

Wasn’t that walking on water scene amazing? One thing that I most appreciate about this episode is the emphasis on what a kangaroo court did to its own rules. Yes, Jesus should have been arrested and tried in the daylight, but the High Priest knew very well that the evidence (even in first century Jerusalem) would not pass the smell test. By the time most of Jesus’ followers found out what was happening, it was an accomplished fact.


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