My summer class, Introducing the Old Testament, is forming now

April 29, 2013

This will be a very busy summer. It looks as if I will, again, be both student and teacher. With God’s help, the plan is for me to take the final two remaining classes in my Master of Ministry program at the Anglican School of Ministry, which has recently relocated to Durham, North Carolina. I will be taking “The history and practice of spiritual formation” and “Sacramental Theology.” Please keep me in your prayers.

The lesson plans for this summer’s introduction to the Old Testament are already being completed. This class will focus on the Doctrine of Biblical Inspiration and the OT continuity with the NT. I am inserting a bit of material on biblical narrative, because I am a lover of the Hebrew Bible and its marvelous storytelling techniques. We will be talking about covenant and law. I find this contrast to be very similar to the NT discussion of soteriology (personal salvation) versus kingdom (cosmic restoration). We will compare and contrast various versions of the canon. Genesis and Ancient Near East thought has not been overlooked either. There is a lot in this class and the syllabus link is Syllabus CFM OT. You should probably know that there will be an Intro to the New Testament offered in the fall and these two offerings compliment each other perfectly. These continuing ed classes are being conducted by Christian Foundations for Ministry and the school catalog is at this link CFM Catalog.

This is an outstanding learning opportunity for lay leaders and anybody interested in learning more about God’s word written. The course will begin on the week of June 4 and run for 12 consecutive weeks (with one or two off along the way). Yes, people travel during summer, but don’t be troubled about missing a meeting or two because they are all recorded and available (exclusively) to members of the group. This is a continuing education course. Students will do some reading, but there are no exams or papers. This is not an academic course and no academic credits are awarded.

The class is based on an excellent workbook from the Trinity School of Ministry in Pittsburgh and is presented from an orthodox Anglican perspective, which holds a high view of scripture. Students from other traditions will be perfectly comfortable in this group. The meetings are available “live” online with a limited number of “seats” available. Yes, this is a meeting in which distance students may participate. The cost is $150.00 per student (that includes the workbook), and there is a couples discount available ($275 per couple). The enrollment deadline is May 24 (but I am able to offer some “grace” to late comers). You may drop me a line at I will send you a The very simple enrollment form is available online here, and there is no extra enrollment fee.


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