How Will We Know Whom To Hate If The Media Don’t Tell Us? | The American Conservative

May 2, 2013

Rod Dreher is a brilliant blogger and today he approaches a topic I find to be of the highest order, the poisonous atmosphere of public discussion. How is a Christian to live in a culture so saturated with hatred and fear? Here is a short segment and a link to the entire excellent essay.

The world is always ramped up to high drama. I told him that a decade ago, when I would get on cable TV from time to time to talk about issues, I learned quickly that the media didn’t want to have an actual discussion; they just wanted people on to yell at each other, and to repeat talking points. This is a cliché, I know, but when you actually go on those shows, and see how it so often (but not always) works, you understand that the cliché really is true. Passion sells. Passion retains viewers. Passion gets eyes on the webpage (and shame on me for falling for the bait, e.g., yesterday’s post about that jerk who wrote the “I hate my unborn twins” piece for HuffPo). The thing is, passion is so easy to gin up when it’s based on fear and hatred. It’s a lot harder to get people passionate about faith, hope, and charity, even though that’s what most of us crave, and need as much as we need the air we breathe.

How Will We Know Whom To Hate If The Media Don’t Tell Us? | The American Conservative.


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