The Anglican Articles on Original Sin, Free Will, Justification, and Works

July 21, 2013

I have spent this summer as a near slave of my seminary professors. I am taking the final two classes of my MMin at the Anglican School of Ministry: Spiritual Formation and Sacramental Theology. This is a load of reading, projects, and a class paper. I have also been one of the teachers in an adult education series at St. Andrews in Little Rock on the 39 Articles of Religion. You can scroll down for the recordings of the first three weeks. Here is the handout: LP 39 Articles Wk 4 FMT and this link takes you to an audio recording of week four.

The doctrine of a religion is the most important way we as informed lay people have of holding clergy and appointed teachers accountable. It is also true that the more we know about God, the more we will appreciate his kind intentions for humanity and grow to love him. Doctrine is not the idle pastime of academic elites. It really matters to the man and woman in the pews.


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