Top Ten Reasons to enroll in the New Testament introduction

September 12, 2013

UPDATE: The class is still taking students. You can join in the second week and easily catch up! The meetings are going to be very enjoyable and educational.

It is back to class on September 17.We will be meeting in Little Rock in the St. Andrew’s Anglican Church library, but there are some slots available for out-of-town folks on WebEx. Why might you bother taking a class from some Nobody in Arkansas? Glad you asked that question. Here from the “home office” is the Top Ten list of fairly good reasons to know more about the New Testament.

1. We focus on Jesus and placing the student in relation to the the sacred text and the Savior.

2.The Nobody who leads the class has just completed (we hope!) the academic requirements of an MMin. It’s not like attending Oxford, but one does pick up some basic biblical skills. Mr. Nobody specializes in probing discussion starters.

3. The text is Gundry’s New Testament Survey (Fourth edition). Much cool reflection, great charts, useful maps.

4.The meetings are not dull lectures, but lively discussions with smart classmates (Several advanced degrees and one has a Ph. D.).

5. The 7 PM Central Time works out well for many people, and things wrap up at 8:30.

6. Yes, you do have to read sections of a book, but there are no exams or papers. It is a non-academic course designed for lay leaders and folks who want a deeper spiritual experience from Bible reading.

7. You do not have to be an Anglican to participate, and those of us who are Anglicans promise to be on our best behavior.

8. Reasonable tuition and the book is under $20.00 on, although by now you might need to break down and buy the Kindle version.

9.It is easy to drop Pat Lynch a note:

10. You are bound to learn SOMETHING and develop some real friendships.


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