What does the Bible have to say about the crisis in Syria? (hint: nothing. absolutely nothing)

September 12, 2013

In my younger days, one influence on my spiritual development was the teaching of Herbert W. and Garner Ted Armstrong. These guys ran an outfit known as the Worldwide Church of God. it still exists, but the surviving organization is considered “orthodox.” Back in the day, however, it printed such monumental (and bogus) collected lies as The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophesy. That the United Kingdom and the United States were to be read in scripture as modern Israel (the tribes of Ephriam and Manassas respectively) is not a new idea and the Armstrong’s were merely building upon the “identity movement.” Let’s see: Turkey was Edom, Babylon was… well you known damned good and well who Babylon was, Denmark was Dan, France was Ruben and Egypt was Egypt.

The Armstrong guys were outright heretics who denied the Trinity (the heresy) and demanded Old Testament law, dietary, festival and obligatory tripple tithing (the errors) from the well-fleeced faithful.

With this load of religious baggage to tote around, I always shudder at the charlatans who deceive the gullible believers. Peter Enns has an article on the exploitation of bible-based fear over Syria that is well worth your time. Follow the link below.

What does the Bible have to say about the crisis in Syria? (hint: nothing. absolutely nothing).


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