Big Brother 15: guilty pleasure or morality play? #BB15

September 20, 2013

True confession time. While I was taking my final academic classes for a MMin, teaching an Old Testament continuing education course, team-teaching an adult-ed class on the 39 Articles, and helping a friend start a new Anglican church, I spent far too much time following the CBS  dirt-cheap summer replacement for something that might require paying real writers and performers, “Big Brother.”

I would like to take just a moment to condemn the racist, sexist, homophobic and totally uncivil behavior displayed by the “house guests.” Do you see my finger wagging? I’m serious about this! Something better be done about this right now or I am coming down with the belt! Do you understand me?

WHEW! That feels better.

It looks like some things have happened to several of the cast members. Third-place (zero money!) Spencer from Conway, Arkansas is fighting for his job at Union Pacific because of his trash mouth, and probably most of it has to do with his unspeakable commentary in the “off” hours concerning women. Runner-up GinaMarie ($50,000) got the ax from East Coast USA Pageant. Andy,, who won the whole shootin’ match ($500,000) is in trouble with the Du Page University on account of his allegedly racial slurs. Aaryn supposedly was terminated for her awful comments on anybody different from Aaryn. You see, I follow this nonsense.

It would be more comfortable to just push the blame off on my lovely bride, Marie, but it would be a lie. She tempted me, but I fell. There is something hypnotic about bad behavior. To face this a bit more directly, it can be a dangerous thing to let this kind of stuff inside one’s brain. I claim to be no better than the men and women on the tube.

I feel sorry for the cast members who have paid the price for giving voice to evil thoughts. They are being punished because commercial enterprises do not wish to offend anybody, not for any moral shortcoming. In other words, it is acceptable to hold the worst opinions of other people, and even to act on them, but it is never permissible to speak what is in your heart. Do whatever harm you wish, and remember to be deceptive as well.

God created men and women in his “image and likeness.” Humans reason, communicate, and seek to control. These are the God-like functions that set us apart. Because every one of us possess some divine characteristics, it is never acceptable to attack another person. It is equally wrong to go off on a group. Those targeted classes are bound to be different, disadvantaged, worse off, poor, or despised. The creator addresses this directly with the nation of Israel as it wandered in the desert. Moses says more than once in Deuteronomy that the people of Israel should remember that they were aliens in Egypt. We have no lasting city on earth but we are looking for an everlasting city (Heb 13:14).

The answer is to change our minds. The attitudes of hatred and rejection toward Muslims, homosexuals, people of different races and religions, and the just plain different are rebellious against God’s desire to build a people for his eternal kingdom. We are not entitled to speak ill of God’s other children. End of story.


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