Send the Bill For the Shutdown to the Evangelicals

October 2, 2013

Here is a blog post by Frank Schaeffer on the influence of Evangelicals in the congress that contributes to the present federal government shutdown. I do not agree completely with every assertion here, but Schaeffer makes some darned good points that need consideration. After reading this item, scroll down to the previous item on Glad Streams for another perspective. The link for Schaeffer is below, and here is his opening paragraph.

Don’t like the shutdown? Send the bill to the evangelicals. People schooled to live in a make-believe magical facts-be-damned world took over the Republican Party. The Tea Party is the pro-life evangelical subculture reborn with a few libertarian nuts thrown in. I’m talking about the bedrock mostly southern and mountain state evangelical conservatives that are anything but conservative. The pro-life, home-school, anti-government far right is the evangelical movement. And it’s radically anti American. Without this movement the 40 extremists in congress who are the radical right of the far right would not have been elected.

Send the Bill For the Shutdown to the Evangelicals.


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