A “thank you” to everybody who helped me on the journey to my Master of Ministry

October 10, 2013

In the fall of 2007, Rev. Dr. Mark Quay, now Senior Pastor of St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Birmingham, Alabama, started pestering me about joining his new school. It was to be called “Anglican School of Ministry,” and the old Anglican Mission in America was interested in developing well-educated lay leaders. Oh, THOSE were the days my friend!

I kept giving Mark the brush-off until he resorted to his stockpile of WMD’s. “It really doesn’t matter, Pat,” Mark said, “you probably don’t have the self-discipline to complete the program anyway.” The program? I discovered in my files a “Certificate in Christian Studies.” The goal eventually became a Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies as a terminal credential. I also completed sufficient work to have earned the Certificate in Anglican Studies and the Certificate in Diaconal Studies. I have completed 72 graduate credit hours in biblical studies, theology, Anglican studies, and Christian education. That is probably enough for a guy who is not on the ordination track. My emphasis is in Christian Education.

Mark taught me how to do competent research and writing projects, and how to think like an educational professional who is also entrusted with the care of souls. I am in Dr.’ Quay’s debt because, by opening the doors of learning, he made me a millionaire. Mark brought a guy named Henry Baldwin in from the Netherlands to take over as Dean at the school. Baldwin is a retired nuclear submarine captain (in OUR navy! ROFL!) and had a high-powered doctors degree in New Testament studies from some big time institution (see below). Dr. Baldwin quickly became both a trusted friend and mentor. I am so very grateful to him and Mrs. Shirley Baldwin, his wife and former ASM Registrar, for encouragement and good advice. I miss Henry and Shirley like crazy. He is now the Dean at Holy Cross Anglican Church in the Atlanta area.

Issuing my diploma is probably one of the final official acts of the Anglican School of Ministry. Dr. Art Going, the current Dean, put my document in the mail and there was no “Pomp and Circumstance.” I am sure they played “Taps” instead. This final outcome for ASM is very disappointing, especially in light of the sacrifices made by so many to keep this school running.

ASM has been folded into Trinity School for Ministry in Pittsburgh. I am told that Trinity maintains the ASM academic files. It is a wonderful seminary and I envy anybody who has the time and money to attend. ASM specialized in distance learning, parish level mentoring, and reasonable tuition. The faculty was made almost entirely of dedicated Ph D level instructors. If I am ever able to scrape together a few nickels, the quest for further theological education may continue.

There are a number of people who deserve to be thanked for helping me through the past seven years. If I have left anybody out, it was an error and I am sorry. Please drop me a line and I will make good! Here goes.

My bride, the lovely Marie, who encouraged me and prayed for me even in my moments of exhaustion.

Rev. Dr. Mark Quay, Founder, and former President and Dean of ASM. He is a retired Air Force major (prior-enlisted), having served 23 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Southeast Missouri State University, Diploma in Arabic from the Defense Language Institute, a Diploma in Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge, an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary, and a DMinEd from American Christian College & Seminary. He recently completed the DMin in Leadership with Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he wrote his dissertation on mentoring theological students.

Rev. Dr. Henry Baldwin, Dean, mentor and friend. He earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy and holds the MAR in New Testament Studies from Westminster Theological Seminary. He received the PhD in New Testament Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Mrs. Shirley Baldwin, former ASM Registrar, Librarian, friend, advisor, and encourager.

Rev.. Joel Pugh, retired Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Little Rock, the mentor for my final semester. Every minute you spend in Joel’s presence is like a minute in heaven. He is a quiet man of great wisdom with way more education than most of us could handle.

Rev. Dr. Don Shepson, Associate Professor of Ministry, Leadership, & Spiritual Formation, Department Chair at Toccoa Falls College.He is a graduate of Wheaton College (BA Sociology, 1990), Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (MDiv, 2001) and received the PhD in Educational Ministries at Talbot School of Theology. He taught all of my Christian Education courses and Anglican Worship.  His gracious assistance made my studies much more profitable.

Rev. Michael Pahls, Pastor of Trinity in the Fields Anglican Church in Marion Arkansas. He is a graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MDiv) and Central Bible College (BA). Michael is currently completing his dissertation a PhD in Historical Theology at Saint Louis University. He is the author/co-editor of two scholarly books. He is a former mentor and my instructor in systematic theology, sacramental theology and church history,

Dr. David Sims earned his doctorate from the University of Durham in 2006. He earned a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary in 1994, his Juris Doctor in 1986 (University of Florida College of Law) and his BS in Business Administration/Finance in 1983 (University of Florida). David was in instructor in systematic and moral theology.

Dr. Joel Anderson holds an MA in Old Testament from Trinity Western University, and a PhD in Old Testament Theology from the University of Pretoria (South Africa). He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Evangelical Theological Society.

Mr Bill Elkins, ThM is a Dallas Theological Seminary grad. His love of scripture is infectious. Bill taught me numerous classes on Old and New Testament, along with Biblical Inspiration.

Mr. Mike Forrest, ThM is another DTS guy. Great teacher of Old Testament exegesis, and wonderful help, source of good advice and many good books.

Bob and Pauletta Baxter, who have never failed me.

Mr. Joshua Baxter

Mr. John Kooistra

Mrs. Gail Douglas, a former student in the Foundations program, constant encourager.

Mrs. Perri Neale and Dr. David Neale. Such friends are hard to find.

Jim and Judy  De Vries

Rev. Sam Murrell

Ken and Barbra Benson

Mr. George Norton

Ms. Laura Neale

Mrs. Carla Thommason

The many students of the Anglican School of Ministry. Although we were often separated by many miles,  you  gave me new ideas, challenged my old ideas, and sharpened my mind. It was a pleasure knowing every one of you.

So here I am, 63 years old and wondering what door God will open. This is one of the very few times one can put a check mark on the “to do” list. It may be that I have more than 20 useful years remaining and I am sincerely optimistic. Thanks to the God in heaven who provides for all our needs.


One Response to “A “thank you” to everybody who helped me on the journey to my Master of Ministry”

  1. Steve Heye Says:

    Way to go, Lyncho!
    Maybe you can be “prayer deliverer of the day” next leg. Session!

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