So Scalia believes in the devil? Gasp! #scotus #scalia #Satan

October 17, 2013

Most of the time I do not agree with United States Supreme Court Associate Antonin Scalia. He is brusque. He comes off as indifferent to the problems of real people, he has the tong of a piranha, and the wit of a Grand Inquisitor. He recently gave a wide-ranging interview to one of those east coast magazines designed entirely for the amusement of the tea and crumpets crowd. I believes that flogging is not forbidden by the Eighth Amendment prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment.” I disagree, but I understand how he worked the equation, and, well….. he’s just one of those free-thinking intellectuals.

Justice Scalia admitted a belief in the devil and he is now catching the devil. Yes, it is a part of Roman Catholic theology for two-thousand years. The Hebrew Bible contains references to a supernatural accuser who walks back and forth upon the earth. Let’s not forget that clever snake of Genesis 3. Jesus Christ was tempted by him. Paul notes that Christians must be well-armed to face his formidable attacks.

To believe in Satan, one must accept the existence of an unseen world in which invisible forces are at war with each other. That may sound pretty wacky. Justice Scalia’s critics certainly think so. While I think the judge gets a lot of things completely wrong, this devil thing is not one of them. Just look around.

This is not to say that you can prove the existence of a devil, but the possibility of a spiritual world existing alongside the material order seems reasonable. You can’t prove that it is not so, and please understand that I realize this is not a very fair assertion on my point. To suspect that there are forces of good and evil at work around us is something that might be reached by experience. Again, this is an imperfect argument, but it might still need a closer look.

The materialist view is that, if you can not see or measure something, it does not exist. That is fairly stout and it presupposes the exclusion of the supernatural, even though the creation itself suggests some sort of Something or Someone behind it all. The very distinctness of humanity is another strongly suggestive aspect of our world. Animals communicate, but nothing communicates like people. Christians believe that we are meant to communicate with the much higher Someone behind it all.

This may be crossing some sort of line, but if the material world came into being on its own and evolved unaided by a plan from somewhere else, why would one exclude mysterious unseen beings from the process? Over time, humans have discovered a lot of surprising things.

If this Someone just plain enjoys life, why would he restrict himself to only the material. It makes perfect sense that there would be invisible (that is, invisible to us!) angelic beings. If there are personalities and free will, it seems natural to have rebellion and rebellious angels. So, hell yes, I am right with Justice Scalia on this one. There is a devil, and he has an army of demon soldiers who are doomed to an eternity of endless suffering. They will be joined by some rebellious people, and that is not much of a surprise either.

So what do you say? Has Pat taken leave of his senses? The comment box awaits.


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