Bill Maher attacks Noah’s Ark story

March 19, 2014

We are lucky to have Bill Maher and probably luckier to live in a country that still allows his brand of hard-nosed criticism of big-shots just begging to be knocked down to size. Maher recently took on the upcoming film that deals with the biblical flood. That is a topic I approached here a few days ago. The story about Maher’s’s epic, if somewhat wrong-headed, take-down was in Daily Kos. The link is below. It includes a complete transcript and video.

Bill Maher attacks Noah’s Ark story.

Just a couple of thoughts.

Maher, an obviously well-educated man, seems to have deliberately made himself oblivious to the Ancient Near East custom of exaggerating the age of rulers. This may be the case with Noah. I do not pretend to know. It is reported that one guy back in ancient times was said to have lived 40-thousand years. Now, that is some kind of tall tale! There are flood stories in many of the old cultures and the version found in Genesis bears little resemblance to the Gilgamesh epic.

The more serious contention is that God is some sort of mass murderer and tyrant. This is not going to please Bill Maher, whom I respect and with whom I frequently agree, but, not one single innocent person perished in the Genesis flood. God is all knowing and sees the hearts and desires of every human being. The Lord spared eight people and wiped out the rest of civilization. That’s his call. He owns the world and everything in it. He owns the animals and the people. The Almighty is not afraid to deal with humanity on the same terms that we use on one another. I have no business judging God, and neither does Bill Maher.

When such an important man calls God into judgment, it is a tremendous misunderstanding and injustice. God will not tolerate that kind of misplaced boldness forever. That is why guys like me and Mr. Maher are well-advised to pay attention to these ancient narratives that reveal the character of God. He will punish, if necessary,. In the meantime, he is patient and loving toward lowlifes like me. He offers salvation from the rightful consequence of our rebellion, the end of which is eternal destruction. God loves Bill Maher and gives him as much time as all the people who drowned so long ago.


2 Responses to “Bill Maher attacks Noah’s Ark story”

  1. Rufus Says:

    Pat — perhaps you missed the point. You say: “I have no business judging God, and neither does Bill Maher.” But Maher equates judging a god — any god — with judging the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. He doesn’t believe in the existence of a god. And with that in mind he has MADE it his business (see Religulous).

    What we have here is a difference of opinion between you and Maher — we won’t know who is right until it’s too late.

  2. Interesting and thoughtful perspective, Pat. Speaking as an agnostic, I appreciate your including yourself among the lowlifes — where most of us reside, regardless of our belief systems — while laying out the philosophical points that matter to you.

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