“Black Box” debuts with excellent script, plenty of potential #Blackbox

April 25, 2014

Kelly Reilly may be the female incarnation of House. She portrays a bipolar neurologist. Some of the most negative, reviews got it wrong; the Lead character is not a neurosurgeon, That’s Dr. Big. Perhaps we will have more on him later. Black, not unlike Gregory House, has a very high opinion of herself. It is possible to say that she places too much emphasis on the supposed connection between her mental disorder and her ability to deal with patients. It may also be that she sees the possibility of an inform human value and a natural ability to build mechanisms for dealing with hard situations.

We better be careful here because the conversation is moving dangerously close to Gen 1:26. That’s the bit about man being created in the image and likeness of God. That likeness has a lot to do with our need to control both our own circumstances and the relationships with others. If a diseased brain sees something that is not there, a hallucination, Dr. Black is open to the idea that the mind is working out a personal relational problem. One would not be so foolish as to claim that Catherine Black sees the Divine in others, but she is certainly closer than the ever-dominant Dr. House.

Black has her moments. When she flushes her meds down the drain, we are left with an unfiltered, out-of-control, slut. So, nobody’s perfect. This seems to be a good story of figuring our a personal life of high professional achievement and difficult personal relationships. There is a great potential in this fine script to encounter the invisible world of Powers and Principalities. Who knows? We might find a shadow of Jesus somewhere in the story.


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