UPDATE: Donald Sterling’s alternatve universe #NBA #racism #DonaldSterling

April 27, 2014

Donald Sterling ain’t living on the same planet with the rest of us. This has been  exposed in a tape recording which is nothing less than a set up job. Listen to the dialogue. Catch how the “girl friend” leads the conversation. You don’t need to be a senior NASA jet propulsion engineer to figure out that the female employee (sex slave?) is on her way out and getting the final gotcha’ in on Sterling.They are both worthless pieces of trash fallen human beings in need of a Savior.

Forget about Donald Sterling for just a moment. This kind of personal betrayal of trust makes me very uncomfortable. Even if Sterling is an irrelevant old man with more money than brains and hopelessly detached from the circumstances of everyday life, the getting of this evidence is part of a growing practice of personal destruction that ought to make everybody a little sick.

One certainly cannot ignore the high-powered owner of the LA Clippers, although you have to wonder if he has ever glanced down at the court to observe the flesh tones of the talent that makes him millions. He says he knows, but the disdain for black people is unbelievable. Still, he is a pathetic load of ignorance. Sterling’s employee tried to trick him into comments offensive to Jews and even attempted to draw him into some gross sexual discussion. She must feel a little disappointed, but it seems the older gentleman never fails to go off on his distaste for African-Americans.

There is no appropriate punishment for deliberate stupidity. I regretfully suggest that Sterling’s correction consist of having to live with his own abusive, selfish, deluded, disconnected and completely wretched personality until the day God mercifully writes the last line of this dismal biography. Formal sanctions are a bad idea, even though that will certainly be the outcome of this episode. Why should everybody with an impure heart be held up to public chastisement for every poorly considered outburst. Besides, people like Donald Sterling set the standard for unacceptable behavior and it is healthy to know that such corrupt users wield far more power than they should.

Jesus was crucified between a pair of lowlifes. During his earthly ministry, Christ dealt with hookers, tax collectors, foreign military officers, government officials, lawyers, religious leaders, and all sorts of regular folks. He taught, healed and and led by example. One of the bad guys on that Good Friday understood that he was getting the just outcome of criminal conduct, and he was forgiven on the spot. The “good thief” was even promised a place in paradise. We have on this dreadful tape recording the voices of two human beings and each is created in the image of God. None of us can claim to be any better. Either one of these two bad actors could repent.

This leaves two things for the serious Christian. First, we pray that the two offenders find a change of heart and seek forgiveness and mercy. Second, those who follow Christ are careful not to fall into anything as bad – or even worse. Be on guard. The enemy never misses an opportunity to take advantage of our selfishness and prejudice.

UPDATE: The NBA has done the inevitable and made itself the policeman of good taste. The free market was performing well, but the NBA apparently thought more is better. Now, they will suffer the just consequence of interfering with the natural  course of events. The practical downside is substantial. Now, this throwback gets to continue working his racial mischief from the sidelines. Keep in mind that Sterling has loads of money and his hatred for blacks will only increase. Had he remained in his NBA position, he would have moderated his comments and even tried to show how he has (supposedly) changed. Insincere as hell? Maybe so, but the guys would at least be pointed in the right direction.


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