Duke’s Final Day: A Reflection

July 15, 2014

Thee is a set of photos concerning a black lab’s last day that has gone viral. I have seen it and you probably have too. It is beautiful and at the same time it is hard. If you have recently lost a pet, watch at your own peril. This is a great story told with powerful images. Here’s the link.

This Dog’s Final Day Proves We Should Live Every Day Like It’s Our Last.

We lost Molly a year-and-a-half ago, so this subject is still upsetting. Who cannot be moved by a dog enjoying the things dogs enjoy, especially poured out in abundance. Two thumbs up for these striking photographs because I only have two thumbs.

It is possible that we do ascribe too much humanity to animals. There is a tendency toward sentimentalism in modern life and it is not one bit pretty. Still. dogs know when they are seriously ill and they understand when the end is near. It is very possible that a well-socialized dog like Duke would realize that the time has come for farewells.

Duke’s story certainly reminds us of God’s goodness in creation. Everything in the material order is good. It is my opinion, and this is probably no earth shaking piece of theological insight, that animals who become our pets foreshadow a time when everything will be reconciled and put in perfect order. This marvelous relationship of a family and Duke hints broadly that someday we will live together in peace. Humans will be at peace with their neighbors, at peace with the cosmic order, and finally  in God’s favor.

As to the rainbow bridge, I tend to doubt that our pets are waiting anxiously to meet us on the other side. I don’t know if we get out pets back in the Kingdom of the Heavens, but I sure hope so. Since we will be resurrected and reigning with Christ on earth, it would be difficult to imagine a world without dogs, so why not our favorites? It is just a thought and whatever God has in mind is right.

Good boy, Duke.


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