Francis, the not-so-nice, Pope #PopeFrancis #gaymarriage

October 24, 2014

The sacking of Cdl. Burke (former Archbishop of St. Louis) from the Roman court system ought to tell you something about the otherwise idealized Pontiff. Usually, one waits a few days or weeks in order to disguise one’s seething anger. I am sure that some of the participants in the Synod on the family had not reached home before the blade sliced Burke’s fleshy neck.

You people thinking about crossing over to Rome ought to give this some thought. Anglicans are disorganized to the point of embarrassment but you can still speak your mind. The Cardinal stands accused of standing up for the terrible doctrines. You know; the rigid and nitpickey rules that supposedly never change. Doctrine often gets in the way of what we think is right at the moment, and are we not the ultimate source of theological authority?

Burke scared the dog poop out of the moderates who never had an original thought in the first place. When the meetings start up again, Kasper and his crowd will have no opposition and Burke will be banned from speaking publicly. Just watch. Things are going to get very dull on EWTN. Christian marriage is a union between one man and one woman and may not be dissolved by divorce. That has nothing to do with gays.

Are gays to be welcomed into the church. Yes, indeed. All of us are sinners and needing repentance. Gay people are loved by God and the Christian Church, Christ’s body on earth, must provide constructive and respectful ministry. Disrespect and hurtful words are never to be directed at God’s beloved people.

No, I am not a Catholic, but I will tell you right now that what happens in Rome matters a lot to all human beings. The Roman Church, granting its many errors, has a powerful intellectual infrastructure that develops a modern understanding of ancient doctrine. We desperately need that institution which preserves theological tradition and Western culture.

Somewhere deep in the Vatican, Joe Ratzinger better be wearing out the knees of his pants begging God”s forgiveness for the seminal act that brought such a doctrinal weakling into office. This confusion will spill into the Protestant world making life harder for every observant Christian. Nonetheless, Jesus has promised to always be with us. Thank you Lord.


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