Lynch comments: Pope Francis: ‘Evolution Is Not Inconsistent With Creation’

October 28, 2014

It is a bit odd that the Pope has publicly gone on the record with the straight truth that everybody has known for around 200 years (maybe longer). This blog is not changing its name to “All Francis All the Time,” but he is the most influential churchman in the western church.

I would like to fine tune a point he was trying to make and I do not think he would object. He said that “God is not a magician.” Alright. That is close, but a little foggy. Theology requires precision, and I very often fall short.

I have a hard time getting the idea of God as “magician.” The magician performs by slight of hand and deception. Sometimes, as was the case in the Exodus account, they work with the demonic. Remember the snakes being eaten by Moses’ snakes? The magician analogy is shaky, at best.

Where we get all hung up is that it seems offensive for God to just let things develop when he certainly has almighty power to work his will instantly. The human mind imagines God walking impatiently back and forth, occasionally checking his watch, and wondering when creatures with backbones will finally crawl out of the ooz. We forget about God not existing in the material world and the limitations of time. In the infinite world of God, there is no time so a few billion years of evolution do not mean anything.

One more thing. You may be wondering if His Holiness is suggesting that God does not do miracles. Friends, I have no earthly idea. Let us hope and pray for the best. Here is a link to the story.

Pope Francis: ‘Evolution Is Not Inconsistent With The Notion Of Creation’.



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