Christian Foundations for Ministry is wrapping up the year and examining our educational mission

December 8, 2014

One of the things that has kept me away from this blog is the business of closing the books on 2014 and getting ready for the New Year. Christian Foundations for Ministry is working hard to grow and to increase our reach. Here is the year-end letter sent to our friends, students and supporters. You might well note the request for financial support (donations to CFM are tax deductible!).

Dear friends,

Since 2014 is wrapping up, this is a good time to pause and get our bearings. This has been a great year at Christian Foundations for Ministry, Inc (CFM). Since our formation in June of 2013, God has blessed our work to assist lay believers become better informed disciples. There are several developments for which we are grateful.

  • Mr. Bill Elkins, Th. M., has joined our faculty.
  • Several new classes have been introduced; including Bill’s “Reading the Old Testament as Literature” and my “Introduction to the life of Prayer”
  • Evening Prayer was presented during Holy Week
  • The Internal Revenue Service recognized CFM as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization

In the new year, CFM plans to offer some new classes, which you will see listed below, including an outreach to low income people concerning the Christian outlook on finances. We will continue to work on “Passing on the Faith by Living in the Faith,” and to offer some public discussion programs. CFM will soon begin producing a podcast.

`            The class offerings for 2015 are beginning to take shape.

Spring 2015                    Exploring the Church in Scripture

Spring 2015                     Reading the New Testament as Literature

Summer                            How the Irish Saved Civilization

Fall                                       Open

Spring 2016                       Meeting the Church Fathers

It takes a lot to complete our many tasks, especially considering that CFM is a relatively new operation. The “wish list” includes an upgrade of technology resources, membership dues for Not-for Profit professional associations, student scholarships, the typical elements of a business office (Printer, data storage drive, etc.), and funding for travel to a limited number of Anglican and other Evangelical conferences, resources to pay the costs of public events.

The goal of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program is to provide fully equipped lay leaders for effective Gospel-centered ministry through high quality Christian education provided to students in their local congregations. An independent Board of Directors supervises CFM and the administrators serve without compensation.

Mr. Kenneth E. Benson, Chairman, holds a Master of Science degree in Information Quality from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, is currently Business Improvement Manager for DataPath, Inc. in Little Rock, and has previous experience serving on a board of a tax-exempt corporation.

Ms. Gail H. Douglas, Treasurer, holds a BS degree in Medical Technology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with post-graduate studies in health services administration, and has extensive experience in direct management and quality control.

Dr. David Sims holds an M. A. in Theological Studies from the Reformed Theological Seminary and a Theological Doctorate from the University of Durham in England, Juris Doctor from the University of Florida. Licensed Attorney. Certified Christian Conciliator. Chairman of BRS Consulting. President and director for Reformation Grace Ministries, Inc.

Mr. Patrick Lynch, Secretary (Non-voting), Executive Director and Instructor, holds a Master of Ministry degree with an emphasis on Christian Education from the Anglican School of Ministry. He has extensive experience in broadcasting and publishing.

The Christian educators at CFM are, foremost, needful of your prayers that the Holy Spirit will lead us to develop offerings and presentations that will assist God’s people in spreading his good news. There is a special obligation to reach the younger people who seem to be leaving the church. It is important for younger Christians to know mature believers who personally place a high value on the doctrine and historical background of our religion. CFM needs financial support and your tax-deductible contributions are very much appreciated. The mailing address is below.

May you enjoy the blessings of anticipating the Messiah during this Advent season, and enjoy a wonderful New Year!


Patrick Lynch

Executive Director,

CFM, Inc.

504 Green Mountain Dr.

Suite 401

Little Rock, Ar. 72211





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