About Pat Lynch

I grew up in this house, which is still standing.Just in case you need to be reminded, Pat was born and raised in a small house which still stands in the Loop section of Mobile, Alabama. His dad worked for the GM&O railroad, but was afraid to travel. Pat’s dad, the late Joseph Richard Lynch, was fearful that his younger son would develop a taste for fine food, whiskey, and exotic places, that he would leave the Church of Rome and marry a Yankee. Way to go, dad! That’s batting a thousand. There was also a FAMILY SECRET. Pat never knew about his second cousins until he was in his 40′s.

Little Flower School

Despite the best efforts of the good Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, he somehow survived 12 years of Catholic education. His old grade school is a landmark on Government Street.

Pat graduated from McGill High in 1968. Yes, that is the same all-boys school in Mobile, Alabama attended by Jimmy Buffett. (Jeremiah Denton and Vince Dooley also went there.) Today, it is known as McGill-Toolen Catholic High School and it is coed! If you send your kids to Catholic school, they will end up like Pat!

When our hero got his diploma, college looked way too demanding, and there were no openings in the circus for a fire eater, so Pat got into radio instead (Did you check the “family secret” referenced above?).

He’s worked in every broadcast pit and hellhole from Oklahoma to Washington State, leaving a wake of destruction and human misery in his path. Pat was a popular Country DJ on KMON Great Falls, Montana. That’s actually a good station (how they hired Pat, nobody will ever figure out).

His “big break” in talk radio when Mt. St. Helen’s erupted in May of 1980. After 6 days of continuous disaster coverage, beleaguered KSPO Newsradio in Spokane ran out of qualified personnel and put Lyncho on the air, which made the volcanic disaster seem insignificant by comparison.

Lynch brought his traveling miracle revival to Little Rock in 1983. The ACLU of Arkansas was so down on it’s luck back then, that he was the 1984 annual dinner speaker. Pat has done only as much work as was necessary to keep a job, but is still an outspoken opponent of the death penalty and was recently honored as the Abolitionist of the Year and Civil Libertarian of the Year.

Pat was confined in the “gifted and talented” room as a result of serving 6 years on the ACLU National Board. Lynch also did 17 years of hard labor in Little Rock’s infamous Citadel Radio Gulag, where he gained the distinction of being one of the very few prisoners to be fired from KARN Newsradio 920.

In October 2000, Pat Lynch began a daily radio show on 103.7 originating from the historic KAAY building in Riverdale. His newspaper column has also been was a weekly fixture in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for almost 11 years (Sept. 2000 – Aug, 2011).

The lovely Marie moved down from Michigan in the Fall of 2000, after a whirlwind internet romance. Pat has been amazingly happy ever since. The lovebirds were wed in a “live” radio broadcast from the historic KAAY building in Riverdale on Valentine’s Day 2002.

Lynch has interviewed all manner of celebrities including Captain Kangaroo, Jessie Jackson, Susan McDougal , Timothy Leary, Gen. William Westmoreland, Tiny Tim, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee.

Pat also has a beagle. Just ask about Molly. UPDATE: Molly left this world in December 2012. She could never be replaced, but Lilly is an excellent Cocker Spaniel-Dashhound mix.

In a startling turn of events, Pat became a student of theology at the Anglican School of Ministry, earning a Diploma in Theological Studies in the summer of 2010. Pat has been appointed to lead the ASM Christian Foundations program and, since ASM ended the program, has incorporated and is now Executive Director of Christian Foundations for Ministry, Inc. This is a not-for-profit religious corporation and the IRS 501(c)3 status is pending. CFM trains Licensed Lay Pastors, lay leaders, catechists and ordinary folks who want to know more about the Christian religion. In the autumn of 2011, Pat earned the coveted ASM MMin Degree in Sept. 2013. Who’d ‘a thunk it!

Did we mention that he comes form an old Mobile family dating back to before the “unpleasantness?”


5 Responses to “About Pat Lynch”

  1. Father D Says:

    Dear Pat,

    It appears that your Dad was not entirely successful in all his efforts since you are no longer in the Church of Rome. I have to say that you have a very interesting site here, and I was quite surprised to discover that you were in fact an Anglican; I read quite a way before I realized that you were no longer an RC!

    I differ with you with regard to the BCP 1928. I think it is perfectly suitable for public worship, although I really prefer to use the American Missal. The AM is what I us in my own Masses.

    I was interested in the educational program that you are pursuing. Do you plan to seek ordination (or have you already been ordained)? What jurisdiction are you connected with? I am a priest of the United Episcopal Church of North America, a small continuing jurisdiction. If you are interested, I would invite you to contact the UECNA when you are ready to talk about ordination.

    Also, I would like to invite you to visit my blog at

    The peace of God be with you.

    Fr. Sam+

    • patlynch Says:

      Dear Father D, thanks for the very kind note. I hope you will drop me a line at my personal mailbox: plynch@swbell.net.

      I checked your site and you have obviously developed some very fine sermons and essays. I think there would be a slight difference between us on ritual, since my tendency is toward a somewhat “lower” ceremonial. That should not, however, be taken to indicate a “low” opinion of the sacraments, which are effectual signs of God’s good will toward us.

      I’ll add you to my list of Anglican sites.

  2. If Lyncho had any sense he would be running things at msnbc.

    • patlynch Says:

      Darn! Why didn’t I think of that? I’ll drop in on MSNBC Monday morning and take over! Thanks for the tip. But seriously, the cable networks are a complete mess. I would hardly know where to start (except for the obvious one!).

  3. Philip Says:

    Pat, for your only hope of salvation, go to http://www.johnthebaptist.us Repent, convert to True Catholicism, and abjure your heresies. There is no salvation outside the True Catholic Church.

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