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The NFL’s blind eye and divine healing #NFL #domesticviolence

September 21, 2014

Of course they knew all along. How could anybody not ingest and understand the decades of scattered arrest reports and other public misconduct perpetrated against by women by the NFL’s finest. You would have to be a complete out-and-out moron not to realize that there is a serious problem, except that management did not consider the assault of various wives and girlfriends to be much of a problem. For the men at the top, it’s just another day at the office.

They are damn good at making up excuses too. Boys will be boys. If we ask men to play with intensity, they are going to play with intensity. This is what winners do; they win. And the best of all: most of these women like to be knocked around anyway. Oh yeah, there is nothing quite as fun as an evening at the Emergency Room. A broken nose, some missing teeth. Now tell me. Does life get any better. This stuff is so rich, the guys in charge might actually believe it.

Since I have not played in competitive sports, this is surely an opinion to which I am not entitled. How could one not admitted to the special Sunday afternoon priesthood possibly understand the needs and the pressures. The NFL pretense of ignorance just will not do, especially as we observe the deliberate provocation of violence for the sake of winning and building ad revenue.

It is a good thing to see that the players are (with some exceptions) also knocking each other senseless. Those concussions are making you crazier than you already are. Maybe the brain damage is part of the anti-social conduct. Seriously.

Let’s not fool around with this. The fans are every bit as guilty as the management and long past time for Christian fans of the National Football League to stop supporting the oout-of-control cry babies that are determined to have their way no matter who gets hurt. There are probably some Christian high schools that could even learn a lesson here. The lousy misdeeds of some players is part of man’s rebellion against God.

The physical assault against another human being amounts to vandalism against God’s own icon. Man is created in the image of God and such mistreatment as what is done by the athletes is absolutely forbidden. The second great sin recorded in scripture is Cain’s anger with Able, an evil emotion that led to the first murder. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus forbids anger and speaking harshly about another. That kind of conduct keeps the offender from being heard by God.

That NFL players should not hit women ought to be obvious. They should not hit anybody, nor even give a home to hateful thoughts. Their problem is the very human tendency to believe that the individual is in charge of his own life. It denies the possibility of a higher power working in our lives. It is dangerous to be humble, kind, and generous, but that is what Jesus demands. I have a hard time with that and the only solution is a genuine life-changing repentance. That would demand a gentle manner, turning the other cheek, protecting the weak, and giving up the mega paycheck. What a terrible trap.

And it is not only a few NFL players that must undergo the real change. Each of us, including women, must fight the tendency toward egotism and greed.


Chaos is the new normal #RayRice #AdrianPeterson #ISIS

September 15, 2014

That headline is probably not new, so if I swiped your intellectual property, I apologize profusely. I should have known better. This short essay deals with NFL players, their spouses and children, and international terrorists. There is a connection, so stick with me.

Is there anyone else on earth who sympathizes with Ray Rice’s wife? Her life is certainly ruined and none of us is able to look inside the mind of another. It is very possible to love someone who does great harm without being mentally ill. God loves us and he is not crazy. Having been knocked senseless in a public place, it is going to be a big task to drum up much understanding for the offending mate.

Even though the Ravens star has been given an economic death penalty, plenty of women experience a real death sentence at the hands of demonic husbands. Did the NFL go to far with Ray Rice? You might make that argument except for decades of turning a blind eye from the rich and powerful business interest. The NFL is saving itself while it punishes some serious misbehavior.

If the troubled couple is really working on saving their marriage, good for them. There are plenty of interests in this society that hate enduring relationships. Without approving the atrocious misdeed, Christians should support all married couples. This particular couple needs extra help and I wish them well.

Another professional athlete has been charged with a criminal offense after switching his four year-old son. If you have not seen the pictures, it is just as well. They would make you sick. The child has struck with such force as to draw blood several times. The pain of this uncontrolled anger was severe. You can’t imagine how much it hurts to be beaten bloody.

Football players are often not held accountable for misdeeds and many (not all) have a sad and undeserved sense of entitlement. Sometimes the pendulum swings to an extreme in another direction. On ESPN’s College Game Day, video was shown in which a prominent coach described his “zero tolerance” policy toward players who strike women.

I dislike all “zero tolerance” arrangements. First of all, there is always a special case for a favored person and the “zero” mark is easily moved. Secondly, despite what genius coaches might think, there are sometimes “shades of gray.” What if both parties share some blame? Also, there is in the law something called the doctrine of fighting words. There are some things people say when they are just asking for it. Third, what about the poor bastard who just happens to be innocent? It happens. Sometimes a person can be falsely accused. How can supposedly educated people preside over a system where there is no, zero, nada for due process. Sorry to be a stickler for such odd and worn-out ideas, but maybe this hard problem needs just a little thought.

There is a much larger thing at work here. How dare anybody lay a hand on another human being. It is bad to harm a woman, and much worse to mercilessly whip a child. Why not pick a fight with one of your teammates. Why not put on the gloves and take a swing at somebody who has been working out every day? That brand of cowardice makes me want to throw up. Worse by many degrees is the mistreatment handed out by ISIS. What kind of people behead their enemies and post the film? There are no words.

These are symptoms of our abandonment of the notion of man as created in the image of God. Man wills, thanks, praises, and gives  thanks. At least that is what man in the proper order does. Man is by nature rebellious but there seems to have previously been a counter-balance to the worst instincts. Now that man has given up on God (the real one who creates,, intervenes, rules, commands, forgives, and loves us enough to come among the fallen humanity) man has departed from beauty, respect, compassion and the optimism that foresees a better world ruled by the King of Kings. That is the disease. What we have in the news are the symptoms.

UPDATE: Donald Sterling’s alternatve universe #NBA #racism #DonaldSterling

April 27, 2014

Donald Sterling ain’t living on the same planet with the rest of us. This has been  exposed in a tape recording which is nothing less than a set up job. Listen to the dialogue. Catch how the “girl friend” leads the conversation. You don’t need to be a senior NASA jet propulsion engineer to figure out that the female employee (sex slave?) is on her way out and getting the final gotcha’ in on Sterling.They are both worthless pieces of trash fallen human beings in need of a Savior.

Forget about Donald Sterling for just a moment. This kind of personal betrayal of trust makes me very uncomfortable. Even if Sterling is an irrelevant old man with more money than brains and hopelessly detached from the circumstances of everyday life, the getting of this evidence is part of a growing practice of personal destruction that ought to make everybody a little sick.

One certainly cannot ignore the high-powered owner of the LA Clippers, although you have to wonder if he has ever glanced down at the court to observe the flesh tones of the talent that makes him millions. He says he knows, but the disdain for black people is unbelievable. Still, he is a pathetic load of ignorance. Sterling’s employee tried to trick him into comments offensive to Jews and even attempted to draw him into some gross sexual discussion. She must feel a little disappointed, but it seems the older gentleman never fails to go off on his distaste for African-Americans.

There is no appropriate punishment for deliberate stupidity. I regretfully suggest that Sterling’s correction consist of having to live with his own abusive, selfish, deluded, disconnected and completely wretched personality until the day God mercifully writes the last line of this dismal biography. Formal sanctions are a bad idea, even though that will certainly be the outcome of this episode. Why should everybody with an impure heart be held up to public chastisement for every poorly considered outburst. Besides, people like Donald Sterling set the standard for unacceptable behavior and it is healthy to know that such corrupt users wield far more power than they should.

Jesus was crucified between a pair of lowlifes. During his earthly ministry, Christ dealt with hookers, tax collectors, foreign military officers, government officials, lawyers, religious leaders, and all sorts of regular folks. He taught, healed and and led by example. One of the bad guys on that Good Friday understood that he was getting the just outcome of criminal conduct, and he was forgiven on the spot. The “good thief” was even promised a place in paradise. We have on this dreadful tape recording the voices of two human beings and each is created in the image of God. None of us can claim to be any better. Either one of these two bad actors could repent.

This leaves two things for the serious Christian. First, we pray that the two offenders find a change of heart and seek forgiveness and mercy. Second, those who follow Christ are careful not to fall into anything as bad – or even worse. Be on guard. The enemy never misses an opportunity to take advantage of our selfishness and prejudice.

UPDATE: The NBA has done the inevitable and made itself the policeman of good taste. The free market was performing well, but the NBA apparently thought more is better. Now, they will suffer the just consequence of interfering with the natural  course of events. The practical downside is substantial. Now, this throwback gets to continue working his racial mischief from the sidelines. Keep in mind that Sterling has loads of money and his hatred for blacks will only increase. Had he remained in his NBA position, he would have moderated his comments and even tried to show how he has (supposedly) changed. Insincere as hell? Maybe so, but the guys would at least be pointed in the right direction.

Rod Drher: How Pedophiles Con People | The American Conservative

July 13, 2012

This is very important. As fallen human beings, we are susceptible to temptation and we are easily misled by people we trust. Drher focuses on an article by Sam Wilkinson dealing with the Penn State/Sandusky story. Of course, it deals with the delusional condition of college football programs and the idolatrous people who support them, but this piece also concentrates on the cunning lies that pedophiles use to avoid accountability.

How Pedophiles Con People | The American Conservative.

Tim Tebow booed at Yankee Stadium

April 15, 2012

Tim Tebow has been booed at Yankees Stadium. Yes, booed, and at Yankees Stadium. Say it ain’t so! Somebody must carry the blame for this heinous act of trechery. Let’s round-up the usual suspects.

The lamestream media.

The liberal media.

Liberals (Yes, the whole damn bunch of ’em!)


Everyone who believes in climate change.

Socialists (may be synonymous with liberal)

Progressives (See entries on socialists and communists)

Communists (Previously dormant category revived by Allen West)

Permissive parents.

Gay activists. (Can’t leave them out!)


Illegal immigrants.

Ill-mannered New Yorkers. (Careful, we are dangerously close to a suspect classification that may bear some actual responsibility for the incident!)
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A few thoughts on the public attitude toward adultery

April 14, 2012

As an almost 30-year resident of Arkansas, I must admit to being somewhat surprised by the sudden and unceremonious dismissal of our head football coach. Razorback football enjoys the dignity and protection of a major religion, even though its practices are  steeped in idolatry. The short version of this sad destruction of one man’s very promising career is that self-control and truth are always the best policies.

If you have not closely followed the news, it turns out that the coach had a lengthy and inappropriate affair with an attractive young woman. He then gave her a substantial cash gift ($20,000.00) and put her on the fast track to a job in the athletic department working directly for the coach. When the coach had the misfortune of crashing his motorcycle with the aforementioned young lady on board, and proceeded to conceal all of these pertinent facts from the athletic director, the consequences were swift and unpleasant.

Many are quick to say that, were it not for the concealment and favoritism in hiring for such a well-paid state job, what a man does in his private life is nobody’s business. One may disapprove in a theoretical sort of way, but breaking the bond of marriage is a strictly private matter. Anyhow, that is what many people say. Maybe we should all come to a complete stop and think it over.

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