Christian Foundations for Ministry, Inc.

Christian Foundations for Ministry, Inc. (CFM) provides adult religious instruction and essential knowledge for adult Christians and teachers. This is “head and heart” stuff that connects the learner with Scripture and puts Jesus Christ at the center. The curriculum includes excellent classes on the Old and New Testament, Theology, and Church History. Because we are Anglicans, there is also an offering on Anglicanism. Students may take the classes which best suit their Christian walk..

CFM, Inc. is a religious not-for-profit corporation and donations are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt. The goal of the Christian Foundations for Ministry program is to provide fully equipped lay leaders for effective Gospel-centered ministry through high quality Christian education provided to students in their local congregations. The classes may also be suitable for those in ministry seeking to enhance and maintain professional proficiency. The courses are “continuing education,” and there are no boring lectures, papers or exams. Each runs 12 weeks. The outreach ministry of CFM employs a   more informal style, but is directed toward correctly imparting the essentials of Christian doctrine while developing strong and trusting personal relationships. Here are our officers.

Board of Directors

Mr. Kenneth E. Benson, Chairman

Ms. Gail H. Douglas, Treasurer

Dr. David Sims

Mr. Patrick Lynch, Executive Director and

Secretary (Non-voting)

Class meetings are typically in the evenings and usually start around 7:00 Central in the church library at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Little Rock. The courses are often streamed online (for students only) and are completely interactive and “live.” Contact information is below.


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