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A few thoughts on revising The Book of Common Prayer and the ACNA “Theological Lens”

January 10, 2012

This post is a lot “thicker” than what you will generally read here, so if you are not interested in liturgy or worship, free free to ignore this discussion of something that has been a pending question for Anglicans more than 30 years. What should a modern American edition of the Book of Common Prayer look like?

This little essay does not propose to answer that question, but it is a begging – a discussion starter. As a Lay Catechist in the Anglican Mission, it is certainly not my intention to put my nose someplace it does not belong, but since theĀ  the Anglican Church in North America has taken on the project, it is bound to effect Anglicans all over North America.

This started off as an exam question in my “Anglican Worship” class at the Anglican School of Ministry. What values would you represent if you were involved in producing a new edition? At the same time, I came across the “Theological Lens,” which is the guiding document of the ACNA revisers. Here is a link to that document. If my opinion matters, it appears that, with some reservations, they are headed in the right direction. Of course, your input is welcome. Remember, if you don’t want to read it, nobody is holding a gun to your head

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